Wangdue Phodrang

 (Altitude: 1,300m/4,265ft)

Wangdue Phodrang is an important gateway to the far flung districts of Eastern Bhutan. The dzong perched on a ridge overlooking the Punatsangchu and Dangchu rivers was built in 1639. As the name speaks the dzong of Wangdue held a powerful position during pre-monarchy days. Apart from the great dzong, its cultural wonders lie in the villages. Detour the villages of Gaselo and Nahee towards the west of the dzong. Likewise enjoy the tales of shaman culture in the Shaa regions of Wangdue and listen to the ornamental speeches or Lozeys of Shaa and visit the ancestral home of Pema Tshewang Tashi, the knight whose Lozey still remains a favourite amongst the Bhutanese.

Wangdue Phodrang Dzong

Stretched along the hilltop above the confluence of the Punatsangchhu and Dhangchhu rivers, the imposing Wangdue Phodrang Dzong was built in 1638 and is the town’s most visible feature.  During pre-monarchy days, the governor of this dzong played an important role. The annual festival takes place in autumn so be the guest and enjoy the tour of the dzong.


Visit One of the Most Beautiful Spots in Bhutan-

Gangtey is located at an altitude of 2900 m, falls under the district of Wangduephodrang and lies on the periphery of the Black Mountain National Park. One of the most beautiful valleys in Bhutan, Gangtey is also known as Phobjika Valley (which is an expansive U-shaped glacial valley).  This valley is designated as a conservation area, which is surrounded by the Black Mountains and plays a host to black-necked crane in winter. These migratory birds migrate to this place from neighboring Tibet. The black-necked cranes are so popular in the area that locals use to throw a festival every year on 12th November, which is marked as their arrival. Thousands of tourists & visitors are attracted to visit Phobjika Valley for witnessing these cranes.

Apart from the black-necked cranes, The Gangtey or Phobjika Valley is famous for its resident monastery- the Gangteng Monastery. This Monastery was built in 1613 and recently renovated in 2008 to be marked as one of the holiest Buddhist sites in the world. This attraction tops the list for visitors and tourists on a Pilgrimage Tour to Bhutan. Gangteng Monastery is an impressive building that sits at the head of Phobjika Valley, which is inhabited by visiting minks in the summer months.

It is also widely found that in this valley most visitors love to take leisurely walks and small treks through the village to explore serene nature. The Phobjika Valley’s varied and undulating terrain proves to be suitable for enjoying exciting activities.

List of Best Attractions in and around Gangtey or Phobjika Valley:

  • Gangtey Goempa
  • Black Necked Crane Information Centre

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